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MY childhood view is the desert view.

overlooking the dead sea longing for this landscape

inspires my works that characterized

by combination of textured in the ceramic materials.

Smooth glaze covering compared

to exposed and rough material in monochromatic tones,

color scale of the desert.


barefoot children run on the hot ground

in the desert summer,

among the dark flint rocks

and the big green leaves appear followed by the squill flowers bloom

and herald the coming autumn.

In winter the rocks are shiny

and clean of dust and desert is washed by rain.

The river channels are filled

with the power and thunder of floodwaters.

in the spring the hills and valleys
turn green and bloom,

and summer hes come again and everything withers

and dries up and turns gray on its shades.

The quiet colors give peace,

calm and spectacular beauty

of the changing colors and the the sight

of the desert fills the heart.

In my artworks I try to convey my personal experience

both visually and physical contact with

my art objects.


Today I live and create in the in Jaffa

near the old port

and the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv-Jaffa,

is a city that combines old and new,

authentic and historic alongside new construction,

city where Jews and Arabs live together,

and the three religions live side by side in peace.

Church bells, the muezzin in the mosque

and the prayer of the synagogues in the background

next to the voices of the sellers

in the alleys of the colorful and noisy flea market,

with street food next to luxury restaurant.

Bustling nightlife 24\7 that is why it is called a city without stop.

The renew port of Jaffa pushes

the authentic sights of the fishing nets and boats.

all this compared to the tranquility of the desert.

In my works there is a dialogue between

the desert landscape and the urban landscape,

that combines past and present impressions in all their shades,

from where I take inspiration.

The wonderful, powerful,

and fragile nature tries to preserve

an experience and a personal story

in diverse materials and colors,

in the fields of arts and crafts

in which I create, such as:

ceramic design, jewelry design,

painting and sculpture,

installation and performance.


All my work are done with strict quality and attention

to detail,

the materials are high quality

and non – toxic and environmentally friendly.



Come learnd in my studio;



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