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About Ayelet Tarlovsky






in Tel-Aviv.

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Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

Awards in the course of studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design:

1989 The Ludwig Jesselson Award for a work in the field of the Jewish Tradition

1990 Award for The Original Ceramic Industrial Design

1990 The "Lapid Naaman" Award for Ceramic Industrial Design

1990 The America-Israel Cultural Foundation 'Young Artist" Scholarship

1991 The Blumenthal Award for Academic Excellence in Bezalel


Haifa Museum of Art

Museology and Curatorship, instruction by Tami Katz-Freiman – head of the Haifa Museum of Art


"Art performance "studio


Performance Art Platform, Shelter 209, an annual course and workshop.

2017- 2019

HIT - Holon Institute of Technology

MID – Master of integrated Design – HIT - Holon Institute of Technology - Faculty of Design - Excellence Dean

Professional experience  

Currently From 1991, a multidisciplinary artist: Sculpture, Painting, Product design, Installation, Art performance –

all in a variety of materials and techniques.


From 1991, teaching art and ceramic design, sculpture, pottery, and light design –


privet studio From 1991, instructing and directing students wishing to be admitted to Art Academies, both in Israel and abroad, in making their admission portfolios From 2005, teaching sculpture, pottery and ceramic design.

 The "Hankin Psagot" Institute in Holon From 2011


 Art consultant to the Admission Committee for the Nachlat Binyamin arts and crafts fair, Tel Aviv Municipality From 2011.


 head of the Ceramic Design and Sculpture Department, Bat Yam Art Institute 2015 Instructing light fixtures design – ceramic and porcelain.


Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center 2014-2015 Establishing, managing and curatorship.


 Artefiory Art Gallery, Tel Aviv Curatorship of the following exhibitions in Artefiory Art Gallery:

Solo Exhibition - Sergio Daniel Chertkoff, "Realistic Oil Paintings" Solo Exhibition – Dafna Shpira Hason, "My travels east" Solo Exhibition – Ran Hermoni, Touch color touch material Group Exhibition – 15 artists, "Microcosmos"- painting, sculpture, installation Solo Exhibition – Tamzo, "Tamzo World", illustration – a Japanese painter and illustrator from Chingoku-ji Buddhist temple, Kagoshima, Japan.


2009-2015 Teaching and instructing students in their 3rd and 4 th year of study, Department of Art and Industrial Design, Avni Institute of Art and Design 1993-1995 Teaching ceramic sculpture and design.


 The Art Teachers Training College at Ramat Hasharon (Known today as the Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha, Beit-Berl) 1992-1999 A partner and presenter of art works, Collective Art Gallery in Ein Karem, Jerusalem A partner and presenter of art works,

"Kad Al Hayam" collective gallery for ceramic design, the Opera Building, Tel Aviv A partner and presenter of art works, "spirala" collective gallery for ceramic design and jewelry, Shenkin, Tel Aviv.


Middlebury College – Vermont

summer 7 weeks Guest lecturer – creative art thinking - art workshop & Israeli culture, design and art.


Ramat gan museum

 Senior facilitator – Ramat Gan Museum


HIT - Holon Institute of Technology

 Senior Facilitator- Lecturers - 2019 - ISRAEL ECOWEEK – hosted by HIT – Holon Institute of Technology and design - Architecture and design Department - summer course collaboration between lecturers and students Hildesheim university – Germany.


2023 Biennale of arts and design at erez israel museum Tel Aviv


2019 Group Exhibition "histories" Installation & Art performants "soft memories" Sara erman Gallery Tel Aviv


2014 Solo Exhibition, "Changing Installation", an C of porcelain sculpture and wax prints on wood and fabric, Summing up a year of management and curatorship of "Artefiory Art Gallery" Group Exhibition, "Microcosmos", porcelain eggs sculpture installation, Luffa sponge, readymade, "Artefiory Art Gallery"


2013 Group Exhibition, "Are You Not Ashamed?", wax prints, pastel and embroidery on wooden and cloth napkins, mixed media, "Artefiory Art Gallery"


2011 Group Exhibition, teachers of art, The Art Gallery at The Bat Yam Art Institute


2010 An underground group exhibition, "Taboo", "Nasty Nest", a hanging installation, the old central bus station, Tel Aviv


2008 Solo Exhibition, "Women Fighters", a figurative sculpture, "Ayelet's Gallery", Noga District, Jaffa


2007 Solo Art performance, "White Bed", The Art Performance Platform, Tel Aviv


2006 Solo Exhibition, "Back to Sculpture", mythological figures, Arad Museum


2004 Solo Exhibition, "Porceluffas", Margoza Gallery, Jaffa


2004 Solo Exhibition (commercial), light fixtures, the Design Exhibition, Tel Aviv


2002 Group Exhibition, "Transparency", porcelain screens, The Ceramic Design Biennial, The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv


2001 Group Exhibition, "The Temptation", a lit figurative sculpture, Ramat Aviv Windows, Tel Aviv


2000 Solo Exhibition, Sculpted ceramic and porcelain light fixtures, the lightning pavilion, Ganei Hatarucha, Tel Aviv 1991-2008 Group Exhibitions, the Ceramic Artists Association


1999 Group Exhibition, "Vaza", motives of relationship, "Periscope Gallery", Tel Aviv


1998 Group Exhibition, "The Great Wedding", hands, realistic sculpture, "HaMumche Gallery", Tel Aviv


1997 Solo Exhibition, "A box within a box", a personal conceptual installation of objects, "Kad Al Hayam" Art Gallery, Tel Aviv


1997 Solo Exhibition, "A box within a box", a personal conceptual installation of objects, "Kad Al Hayam" Art Gallery, Tel Aviv


1996 Solo Exhibition, "Associations in White", abstract figurative sculpture, "Kad Al Hayam" Art Gallery, Tel Aviv


1993 Group Exhibition, "Designing with Light", "Spirala" Gallery, Tel Aviv


1992-1995 Group Exhibitions in Israel, USA, Germany and Canada 1990 Group Exhibition, the award winners of The America-Israel Cultural Foundation, the Haifa Mueseum Volunteering 2012-2016 Teaching art & design pro bono, people with special needs, privet studio


2004-2010 Art and pottery workshops, pupils of the Democratic Open School, Jaffa 2005-2006 Art Therapy, works of art for the exhibition "Present-Absent" with the late Felix Shlomovit





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